leethal patterns printed on things

Leethal knits printed onto things! Available at RedBubble, Society6, Spoonflower.

Some things (like pillows, tote bags, phone cases, mugs) are available on both RedBubble and Society6, but often the patterns will be printed differently (like, bigger or smaller) on the two different sites. See some examples below.

The available patterns (so far!) - click to see the knitting pattern it's from:
They are printed on fabric (also wrapping paper and wallpaper) by Spoonflower.

Here are some small project bags sewn out of the Cotton Poplin fabric, using the 8x8 inch test swatches of each pattern:

items at Society6:

stationery cards (in sets)

phone cases

tote bags


zipper pouches

iPad cases

duvet covers

square pillows

rectangular pillows


laptop skins

art prints (framed or not)

canvas prints

shower curtains

(go to Society6 to see all available items and to buy)

(These patterns are available as downloadable tiling wallpapers on the wallpapers page.)

Is there a leethal pattern you've love to see printed on stuff? Feel free to email me, or tweet at me, with ideas and maybe I'll use them in a future batch of new designs!