leethal shop info

I don't sell things from this website anymore, this info is all old, from the old shop website. The items that I may still have available are still shown - if you are a store and want to buy a group of items wholesale, or if you're a person who wants to buy several items, email me at leemeredith@gmail.com and I'll give you a price for the group.
contact leethal at
leemeredith at gmail dot com


Shipping costs are set for each item at my best estimate, trying to keep it fair and as cheap as possible. Shipping costs are as follows for leethal items... (there could be some exceptions, which will be noted in the product description)

stitch sets - $1
stitch set kits - $2
photo trios - $1
photo 8x6 prints - $2
knit kits - $2
button sets - $2

I always want my costs to be fair, so if you are ordering several items and the shipping cost is adding up to more than you think it will be, just email me with your order list and I will send you a customized paypal bill for your total, with a more accurate estimated shipping cost.

If you live outside the US, and the item you want doesn't mention international shipping, please email me before placing your order and I will let you know what your shipping cost will be. I don't have any international shipping options set up through my shop, so I'll just send you a paypal bill for your total. (Some smaller items, like stitch sets and photo prints, are the same shipping cost to you anywhere in the world.)

I go to the post office a couple times a week, so I can't guarantee that your order will be shipped out immediately - it will be sent within 3 days of order placement, unless I email you to let you know otherwise. If you need your order as quickly as possible, email me when you place it and I will do what I can to get it to you fast!

I usually ship my orders first class to keep your shipping cost low, always sure to package items securely. If you'd much prefer a more pricey shipping option, let me know before placing your order and I will send you a paypal bill with your order total.

About leethal stuff

The leethal shop is an assortment of things made by leethal, some connected with knit design, some photography or other things that Lee has been inspired to create and pass on to you, like connect-the-dots embroidery sets.

Items in the leethal shop are made with recycled materials whenever possible, and leethal packaging is as much recycled and eco-friendly as possible. For example, buttons are "packaged" by being pinned onto reclaimed fabric, instead of sealed inside a plastic bag. Orders are most often shipped in reused boxes or reclaimed envelopes, being padding with newspaper pages or recycled tissue paper, in favor of reuse rather than sleekness.

Peruse leethal items of the past in the gallery of taken leethal stuff flickr set; and add photos of yourself with your leethal stuff to the flickr group!
It's great if my ideas inspire you to create, but please don't try to sell things that look just like mine!